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Vision & Emerging Concept

Vision for the Site

Diversifying housing opportunities for Canmore.

CRPS vision for the southern most areas of the site include a medium density residential development that will increase housing diversity within the town of Canmore. This residential development will also provide much needed housing at a variety of price points for those wishing to live and work in the centre of the town of Canmore. Some of the housing will be dedicated to staff and their families. This allows CRPS to provide affordable housing options for staff in an existing residential setting close to the school and other important amenities. Retaining and attracting staff is critical for the provision of high-quality education and the sustainability in the education system in Canmore. Affordable housing will be a big draw. 



Creating a Legacy for CRPS Students. 

Proceeds of the residential development will support the long-term sustainability of CRPS and seek to stabilize swings in education funding. Proceeds will also support the Board’s desire to nurture students’ growth and learning through the support of existing programs as well as new programs and educational services that in in development. A Legacy Fund will be established. A viable, resilient school division will ultimately benefit the entire community. 

Emerging Concept

Emerging Concept

Diversifying housing opportunities for Canmore, the community-oriented residential development will see seven medium density, 2.5 to 3.5 storey residential buildings in the form of apartments and stacked townhouses. A single shared “mews” road will provide access to the site from 4th Street for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles and will be supported by laneway servicing the rear sides of each development. The residential development will improve pedestrian connections into and across the site through new entry points, formal and informal pathways, cycle path connections, and open space park systems and views. These pathways will provide access to a large open space that ties into the roundhouse daycare site and other open space nearby. The residential buildings will include up to 100 units varying from studios and lofts to three-bedroom units.

The Plan will have several affordable units for staff and their families. While CRPS will maintain ownership of the land, we envision offering both rental and ownership housing opportunities.  The final affordable/market housing mix will be confirmed during the next stages of development. The CRPS residential development will provide essential housing choice for residents of Canmore. 

Proposed Master Plan

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This project is open for public comments

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